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more dreams

Angry Pitbull and Day at the Bufa

i was on a goal post of some sort made of old wood. i was prying off one npiece at the t top for some practical reason. there were things going on, but now it was getting late and everyone had left. i was up there alone. a grey pitbull appeared underneathe and started umping up rather high, almost nipping at me. why was he trying to bite me? at first i htought it may be friendly, but soon realized he wanted to eat me or seriously hurt me. he managed to bite my ankle, or the hair on it, and pull me down. i hung on with one arm locked around the top bar of the goal post, and with the other piece i had been prying off, i started to beat hi in the eye with it..

earlier , I was in guanauusato, at the bufa. the bufa had been developed into a mall. there were escalators and taco restaurans and bars. Ryan the shifty was there, wanting to buy peyote, and nsince i knew where to gget it, he said he was going to park his car and then meet me at the top.

it had been a while since i was there, and i thought that whilei was waiting for him, I'd meet up and mingle with some of the locals i knew. i dont remember running into any of them, but i felt familiar with the place. I had a bag of weed on me at one point too. cleaners were coming by and i had to make sure they didnt sweep my weed into their pan. there wasnt too much worry that they saw it, just that they didnt sweep it up.

there was a raffle at whole foods ino rder to be able to bro bring something home for free. i had won the raffle a couple times because i worked clclose to the clean up spot. the last number i pulled was 35. i was therefore entitlted to one free thing from the box. but there was nothing in the box this time. Heather from bakery didint exactly know how it worked and askeded me about it, and I explained that I was prone to winning nbecause i worked near the raffle at clean up time.