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Alternate Dimension, SF
Oct, 17, 2010


I was in the air, as high or higher than a plane. I was with family and my gf. i'm unsure who my gf was... either ting or karla. but maybe someone else entiredly. the feelings I had towards her anyway were important and familiar. She made it with me, but the family did not. We ended up somewhere new. Everyrhing was going fine until there was suddently a technial malfunction an the aircraft (unsure if it was an airplane, ballooon, or other ) .. we started spinning out of control, veering, etc... then falling. I dont remember how we survived the fall, but we did. and when we landed it was in the ocean, flating. We made it to shore and we aout to learn that we had somehow landed in an alternate dimension.

It was san francisco, but taller and more urban. I had my point and shoot amera with me and I made sure to take pictures of it, even thinking that i would post on Flickr's "guess where sf" group and trick some people. It doefinitely looked diffrerent than SF. Under the overpasses there were stone teepees with graffiti on them. the golden gate bridge was smaller and as I found out later at a "new family" meeting, the bridge is called "Sonoma". I think i jumped off and then asked them. I told them that where i came from, the bridge is called the "Golden Gate Bridge" - I was telling a little boy wearing sunglasses. He had a sort of older attitude but was still playful and i was speaking playfully to him Ibrahim was in my dream, he owned a shop like in real life, where i would use the bathroom.

I am not sure how i met this new family.. perhaps they were the first door we knocked on, or perhaps they saved us from the water. either way, there we were in a high-rise apartment building eating their food and drinking their wine. i dont remember how it tasted though. Below we saw vandals and theives causing a ruckus, but didnt think much about it, until, a sudden knock at the door and they burst through. It was a man and a woman. They were shooting big bullets at us with long horns like trombones. They hurt but did not pierce us. One of the two theives was a woman, and i was very attracted to her. While the two of them were emptying others' wallets and searching behind sofas in teh wall for more wallets and money, i felt mine in my back pocket and took it out, put it between the cracks of the sofa cushions, then back in my pocket, then into my jacket pocket... i couldnt determine where it would be best that these - seemingly naive and inexperienced - thieves would overlook it. this idea that people of this dimension were naive and inexperienced is something i must have taken from Idiocracy. for some reason my dimension I knew was best, and i think i still had aspirations of getting back there. at oine point i had told someone i need to get back to my own dimension.

at first, btw, i had been at 22 parker rd, my home, and began to notice that the car in the lot was not my family's. the garage looked different. I think i may have run into the new family, but i'm not sure what happened at that point. i remmeber the feeling of uncanniness when seeing the details of a different set of people living in the house i grew up in. like an uprooting of my identity.

not sure how i got from there to flying through the air. there are obvious elements of Wizard of Oz, Idiocracy, FamilyGuy's Multiverse throughout this dream.

When the attractive woman got to me, i flirted with her and she forgot about taking my wallet. I told her i came from an alternate dimension, and suggested we go to the other room where there's a fireplace. before going, I suggested, as part of the flirty talky decoy, that she looked like a famous actress... Lauren Murphy... or Murphy... someone.... big lips... you know.... (no one knew). Anyway, we went to the other room and sat in front of a black furnace that had hot coals in it. I suggested we could lay down a rug over the wood floor and and have some wine, relax-- she pointed to the wine which was empty. oh no! what time do the liquor stores close in this dimension?

It was Julia Roberts i had been thinking of. the name did not come to me until i was awake.

I hope to return to this alternate dimension, or perhaps to learn the mechanism in my dream by which arrived there. It involved flying in the air, and suddently falling, fast, and somehow evening out right at the end towards the water. I remember that the girl i was with and I sort of flew in a hyperbolic shape so that at the end we were virtually water skiing.