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more dreams

Alone at a Reunion


in the end we were in an auditorium, or more like an open air stadium, for a banquet type thing. I remember seeing many people step up the statdium, walking by, looking like they were going to prom. Matt Hulett wore a light grey suit and i said “you look sharp” as he walked by. he said thanks mostly out of obligation. Someone else looked like Def Lepard in a tux (probably because of that guy i saw on the subway yesterday). he had one lapel in leopard skin and the other side of him maybe his eaariing was also leopard skin. long blond hair and btown eyes. he was someone we had gone to school with who now had taken on a much more extreme look.

I had the distinct feeling that I was no longer popular or even necessarily desirable. I wore a grey-brown suit and my winter jacket, and if I wanted to find my friends and people i knew i had to ask. There were two different floors of the hotel in which they could be. Something had happened, someone had died, or there was some event that had people a b it somber and untalktative.

Tim Caffrey was there, and i felt his support at times. On the whole, though, i felt not out of place but out of step with everyone else.