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more dreams

Albaizyn at Sunset, Senior Wheezers

In my dream I was dreaming, and I knew it. Still, I couldnt control it that well. I was weary of waht nightmarish weird things might be lurking around the corner. I was in some stone-cut room. i think ting emerged from behind a wall. later on ting and i went for walk up a small hill and looked out over what apparently was the Albaizyn in San Francisco. old neighborhood flooded with golden sunset light and in the backdrop was san francisco's city skyline. Ting and I were horny. There was a guy sort of following us - maybe he was just walking in the same direction. anyway, we found a stone-cut bench to prop up against, and i began to eat her pussy. it was a nice feeling, i had missed it. it was wetter and smoother than normal. she was more sultry in the dream than in real life, which is saying a lot because she's pretty sultry in real life too when she's in the mood. I was looking forward to making her orgasm but we didnt get that far.. i might have woken up. but first... something went black. everything went black. I said, oh, i cant see anything. everything's black. but then it all came back. I didnt know what that had been. in the moments of dark silence, i had thought maybe a bomb was about to go off, or an earthquake.. but it was like i was watching my life with another pair of eyes, and those eyes simply took a rest.

at another point in the night, ting and i were in a room full of old people. maybe it was a pharmacy. some of the seniors were smoking cigarettes inside, filling the room. an old man next to me leaned down in front of me to take a pack of fake cigarettes from the rack. they were cigarettes you pretended to light up but didnt actually smoke. He had obviously battled the addiction for many years, and this was his antidote. I heard wheezing all throughout the room, and something dawned on me then: when you get old, you want nothing more than to be able to breathe easy. and if you've been smoking all your life, you've created a condition for yourself where you never breathe easy. I realized i did not want to be an old person wheezing with bad lungs and regretful of all the air he did not breathe/ smoke he inhaled as a youth. in the dream i told ting, 'did you hear all that wheezing? i dont want to be like that.' and in my dream I vowed to never pick up another cigarette. I knew i wouldnt if i kept this in mind.

I hope the same goes for real life.