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more dreams

Abused Brunette, Dead Steve


two dreams, one about a brunette i was interested in. she came into work and was very femenine and soft, but in a weird attention-grabbing way. apparently her husband would beat her. I think she told me this directly. was she looking for something else? i think so. anyway, i was trying. i didnt have a phone, so i gave her my email. at one point i was somewhere with her husband and her. they were on lawn chairs in bathing suits. she started to take me into a world of sex... we literally left the lawnchair scene and were going down hallways and such... her husband i could sense was watching me the whole time. I had some kind of point to argue, but i dont remember. When i came back, both she and he were clay figures (like Team America looking figurines) with big heads and little bodies.

Later on, I was at Whole Foods, and in passing someone said that Stephen had died. Not me, but the other stephen whom i had given the piece of cheese last night. I was a little shocked. I brought to my memory intentionally his eyes and face. He's gone? jeez. I had just talked to him yesterday. And he's like, 19 or something. later I thought that i wanted to go to the funeral, and that i would ask Ryan the Shifty when and where funeral services would be held. I briefly wondered how many if any WF employees would also be going to that. how many shifties and leadership.