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Three women at sunset


I dated three women in my dream last night. Each was unique, and none of them were too competitive or jealous. One girl bought me a gallon of coffee ice cream. We spooned and my focus was on her hips. Another one watched the sunset with me, then left on a bus. My focus was her hair and the way her head grooved perfectly into my neck. The third just lay on a park bench, masturbating at dusk. Charming indeed. I followed the girl on the bus- she was my favorite. I wanted to keep talking to her.

(I think I had been more conscious of how they might react to the others than they were. probably becuse of hte PDA i saw in the store yesterday - a girl jumped into guy's arms in the wine aisle. not that usual.)

I followed the girl on the bus, trailing behind on my skateboard. I had been on the bus at one point, but then jumped off and ended up gliding off somewhere. I came back and didnt see the bus. I waited at the entrance of a space that looked like it might be where it was parked. It turned out to be an italian crepe place. The guy working there made a joke that I only caught the end of- "cross-italiation" - because the crepe had been sitting out for a while. I said 'is that like cross-contamination' and he seemed a little taken aback that I knew the term at the root of the joke. I didn't want him to think that I really worried though, so I smiled and said I got the joke.