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more dreams

Two instances of being taken farther than expected

There was an older woman, brunette with brown eyes, who gave me a ride to the the library, or my dormitory, or the laundry. She seemed to have overshot the destination, and as the road continued, it became more and more apparent to me that she had overshot it. I told her so, but she said something that made me accept where she was taking me. We arrived at a wealthy estate, like a castle, a place with many rooms and stairways, with many people living inside. It became somewhat of a social gathering. Someone asked me who I came with, and I said "the woman in black with dark hair and brown eyes." This person informed me that she was the owner of the estate.

Naturally, I wanted to fuck her, and later in the dream we got close.

In another dream, there was an imminent tidal wave. Signs were seen from the shore. Where I was standing, there had apparently been a big blow out of a lot of people... not sure how i saw it - as if it were a news story but there were no tvs - like a memory of something i wasnt there for. but now i was back at the same place. I believe there was a lifeguard who had told me about it. I turned back because i didnt want to take the chance on the shoreline if a wave came that i couldnt outrun.

I think i arrived at the shore because a cop was following us - me, Sky, and his friends. they had picked me up and they had lots of weed that they were going to smoke. some of it was still on the stem (although this looked more like dried wheat and straw). I had started to pack a big blunt after someone handed me a cigar, but it was powdery and not easy to do in the back of the car. When the cop came trailing us though, suddenly we were running, or more like jogging, because the threat of the cop wasnt too great. he put his lights on at one point, but we kept driving, and he trailed behind. I asked why hadnt stopped us yet. it's not like we were runnning away. and the lights weren't necessarily for us. we were after all in an ascending winding jungle road with lots of canopy and plants obscuring the roadway. he needed to get right behind us if he wanted us to pull over. and because he never did, now we were jogging, thinking wed' get away. and i did . i ended up at this big slab of rock. there was a precipice overlooking something, and i was afraid that the edge would give way. no one came out here much, and the rock didnt look stable. I climbed farther in to be safe, but realized i left my point-and-shoot camera on the ledge. A group came by, some more thuggish types, but they were friendly. i called down to them and asked them meekly if they had seen a camera, that i left it there. it was no longer in its spot... they must have taken it. the one dude said yes and gave it to me. i was thankful.