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Stephen Wade Thomson
Three Words



make end's meat
(make ends meet)
this just in
ad hominem animus
spoonfed and sweetened
"Tone it Down"
"Cut it out"
"He Started it"
"Enough is Enough"
(2016 US Election Season)
no spring chicken
rainbow fractal jewelry
i'm still here
101513 a comforting reminder, the thing that makes you solid.

affairs in order
chris hadfield on terry gross fresh air 103013,
preparation for death, breaching of mortality.

chronic physical pain
personal belief exemption
is on the rise, according to Kqed fb post, 082213
could should will
"ghetto loud mouth"
a type cast
religion from scraps
atop our sewage
town hall style
the phenomenon. what it means. does it usually connote ending in violence? would it if we were in scotland?
ahead of time
relegated to metaphors
as artists. religion too, is relegated to a metaphor; it's problem is that it takes itself literally
"Not so fast"
(there is a specific hollywood way of saying this, and within that context it has a semantic meaning - i'm holding a gun at you)
I pray we (...)
"into stark relief"
no good reason
for no good reason = is used to mean 'for no reason'
no one's pet
(a reason to eat that rabbit)
last day alive
rare view mirror
draw the box
creatures of moisture
flores (porque si)