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Stephen Wade Thomson
Two Words


exercising demons
Out Loud

Koch sucker

days off / off days
offense department
live up
to standards, expectations
smack dab
too sweet
rotundo fracaso
Chrome Jesus
(instead of black or white jesus-
also implies vehicles and transportation as religion-
look up how to make things chrome in PS)
chocolate brocoli
self teach
Sum People

far trip
fart rip

days off
off days
(071015 scifri on global warming)
make time
climb down
learning to climb down
social elbow
finishing touches
(touches of the finishing kind)
die down
"easier said"
(than done)
concentration exercises
sugar pill
See world
fossil fools
lion eyes
from "lying eyes" OR "lionize" // your lion eyes
bug bites
zone out
just because
no wonder

stock options
what you put your stock in...
in relation to a girl/relationship.
or soething else of value.

click farmsheard on Here and Now/ 011414

Big Surmise

best practices
foul play
durable good
(from "durable goods")
moving on
spoken industrially, as if at a meeting, as if the problem being moved on from is nothing more
than the unstapled page from a xerox'ed handout about something
that has only one sentence's worth of value but has been stretched out
with so much bullshit that it never is quite understood or registered ---even when it's not
drunk edit
("kummerspeck" in german)
feliz dia
seller d'or
explicitly content
issue petition
Big Food
Truer Falls
litter alley
bent spoons
exist strategy from "exit strategy"
slight crush
(in curves and contrast /photoshop)
skeleton crew
snark attack
no code
(radiolab - bitter end)
inflaton field
(ref: radiolab, multiverse)
inflationary cosmology
(ref: radiolab, multiverse)
Opposite Day
please confirm
"memory palaces"
air pollution
(climate change responsible for 5 million deaths a year world wide, due mostly to air pollution: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gHSLRfx0ivbKloNaYvYPAFQuKgbA?docId=CNG.8b0c80feab3681e6d5086ee6f2821030.2d1
puffington host
conthiracy speory
digital diet
starting block: push off
crunching numbers
slow rush a rush in the opposite direction
crunchy water
blogal ramwing
in person
that's plenty.
('that may be too much' or "enough!"/"basta!")
isolated showers
governing body (v + n)
pretty much
pinball vetter
love hungry
gravy toss "gravitas"
vanishingly small
gifted sculptor
buying power
can't tell
morally testify
new practice
fresh air terry gross 041111- future of water
bonsai sonora
special interests
dead reckoning
talk soon
touchscreen personality*
thought of inbetween awake and asleep on 022110; that I was not of this type
militaristic positivity
skip town
observational data
and how important it has been to human evolution and science...
most science has probably largely grown from observational data....
like, cant help but notice the world around you, and hypothesis only comes in
when figuring the probability of a future event based on data observed.
synaptic leftovers
gifted sculptor
allow dips
iris hypothesis
cold call
life forms
anarchist thanksgiving
Jon Stewart, June 28th 2010 with David Axelrod
landmark finding
austerity measures
viral desire
well deserved
negatively buoyant
electric friends
feline bipeds
Huay Chivo
willful ignorance
bleeding auras
empirical miracles
omniscient patriarch
waxing crescent
(or "narrow waxing crescent" aka New Moon)
elliptical advocates
(stephen schneider on CWC)
run wild
happy mistakes
down pat
due dilligence
planetary methadone
(stephen schneider on CWC)
buddhaful sentience
perpetual thursday
ideological predispositions
(obama at GOP retreat)
devour eachother
(if eachother were one word, which it should be)
weak tea
(robert reich on CWC)
miserably directionless
where to
plum forgot
tone inspired
i dont like the _ _
I reckon
underused way of saying "I think"
so long
strange way of saying goodbye
jamming randomly
spoiled addicts
american gas consumers
executive function
as relates to human biology
honest signal
daniel levitin, music on brain
incredible douche
commonly coupled words
quantum tunneling
guided imagery
(part of holistic healing)
distinguishing factor
(phonetically pleasing)
knowledge spillovers
(ref. technology transfer, climate mitigation)
floating window
(literally, a feature of some web pages)
hooved monkeys*
(we are)
poisoned chalice
(said poy-zen-cha-liss)
landscape remixing*
(in dreams)
information omnivore
(Gary Small, heard on NPR)
warm clothing
(these two words in combination make a very unique meaning, sensation)
kill step
(leafy greens have none, before consuption)
"you knew"
(but you didnt say anything)
viscous thinking
(heard on NPR)
disinhibition factor
(also 'disinhibition effect')
perverse reverence
(for people of perverse wealth)
modest progress
finishing touches
dangerous hypotheticals
(political 08 term, OBAMA)
vocabulary reduction
biological buoyancy*
(perceived arctic comebacks from timelapse photography)
time-worn objectivity