Stephen Wade Thomson
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How often do you cook?
How often do you eat out?
Which do you prefer? Why?
What do you like to cook?
What are you good at cooking?
What aspects of a kitchen matter most to you? (for ex: counter space, dishwasher, big fridge...)
where did you learn to cook?
What is something you don't know how to cook but would like to learn, or improve?
Does one of your parents cook often? Which one?
Do you ever watch cooking shows? Are there popular spanish cooking shows?
How about restaurant shows, or food tour shows (Think Anthony Bourdain, Check Please! Bay Area)
Do you have dietary restrictions? Allergies? And, does this affect the frequency with which you eat at restaurants? Is it difficult to trust that a specific request to accomodate your restriction will be done properly?
What is the best experience you've ever had at a restaurant? the worst?
What are some famous restaurant scenes from movies and television?
What are some famous home kitchen scenes?
What value does sharing food hold in your culture?
Tell me about "sobremesa" - we don't have a word like it in English
Have you ever had food poisoning?
If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?
Do you like microwaves? Why or why not...
Are you vegetarian / vegan / pescetarian / carinivore / omnivore?
Has your diet changed over time? Have you ever thought about going vegetarian?
Is there something you can't eat but wish you could?
Is there something you eat even though you shouldn't?
What is your 'guilty pleasure' when it comes to food? ("when it comes to" = cuando se habla de)
Have you ever had a food fight?
Have you ever felt obligated to eat something even though you didnt like it? (when invited to dinner, for example)
What is your favorite type of food (from what country?)

Compare a pot and a pan.
How often do you use the oven?
How often do you deep-fry food?