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OUT - see list without examples
1. FUERA - fuera de existencia, fuera de operacion, fuera de acceso
2. AFUERA - fuera de confines implicitos, fuera de aislamiento, hacia espacio publico y abierto.
3. por completo;
4. emfatizar o hacer mas fuerte;
5. hacer un verbo de un sustantivo

FUERA - Aislamiento, descartamiento, separacion, distancia

block = blokear, tapar
block out = blockear (de la memoria)

Can you block a friend on Instagram?
The event was traumatic. I blocked it out of my memory.

bleep / bleep out = censurar
They bleeped the bad words / They bleeped out the bad words.

keep = quedarse con algo
keep out = quedarse afuera, no entrar
Do you like this watch? You can keep it.
For the children's sake, we must keep the medicines out of reach.

boot out = sacar a patadas
kick out = evictar, sacar a patadas
crowd out = dejar fuera o empujar algo para fuera
clock out (or punch out) = ponchar el reloj, saliendo de trabajo (ciertos tipos de trabajos)
stay out = quedarse fuera
step out = salir por un momento
vote out = quitar del puesto a un politico con el voto
cheat out of = engañar robando, hacer trampa
crop out = recortar (cortar de una imagen)
cut out = recortar, isolar
cut (it) out = dejar de hacer algo
butt out = no andar / dejar de andar de metiche/ mantenerse fuera del cotilleo
lock out = dejar afuera (de la casa o edificio)
log out (lo mismo que “sign out” or “sign off”) - salir de una sesion de internet
opt out = excluirse, negar una opcion
move out = mudarse
pass out = desmayarse
peter out = disminuir, agotarse
phase out = eliminar gradualmente
punch out = golpear (fuera de consciencia)
filter out = filtrar afuera (enfoque en lo que se queda)
[“filter” asi solo se refiere a isolar algo, no separar y tirarlo]
get out = largarse
grow out (of) = pasar con la edad
edit out = recortar, omitir
eat out = comer afuera
rub out = borrar
rule out = descartar como opcion
leave out = omitir
let out = dejar salir
ask out = pedir a salir
back out = echarse atras
cop out = renunciar, negarse responsabilidad
bail out = sacar de la carcel a alguien bajo fianza // echarse para atras
drop out = dejar de una institucion o membresia
drown out = acallar (?) hacer un ruido para que algo no se escuche.
dump out = tirar a la basura
poke out = quitar pinchando (un ojo, por ejemplo)
pop out = resaltar de un trasfondo
pour out = tirar un liquido
pull out = retirarse (de algo)
pick out = seleccionar (fuera de las opciones)
psych out = no poder hacer una cosa por lo abrumado que es
print out = imprimir (de la imprenta)
peel out = irse de repente y rapido (sobre todo con un coche)
spoon out = sacar a cucharadas
miss out = perder algo y por lo tanto perder una oportunidad
hide out = esconderse
scrub out = lo que hacen los cirujanos cuando terminan el trabajo
shut out = dejar fuera
sign out = salir, oficialmente
shake out = sacar algo sacudiendo
screen out = descartar como opcion (a screen is a filter)
single out = isolar
sit out = saltar una vez, no presentarse
skip out = skip = but sounds more dissmissive, rude
slip out = salir sin que se den cuenta
snap out of = salir de un oblivio
sneak out = salir a hurtadillas
toss out = deshacerse de,
strike out = fracasar (beisbol, orig)
storm out = salir fuertemente en protesta
ship out = irse
wait out (something) = esperar a que llegue el fin
walk out = dejar, abandonar
walk out on (someone) = dejar a alguien
want out = querer salir, querer dejar una situacion
wash out = desteñido
wear out = llevar ropa hasta que ya no sirva
weasel out = salir de una responsabilidad de forma cobarde
weed out = editar, quitar las partes feas
white out = blanquear, borrar
X out (internet) = salir de la pagina web
throw out = tirar a la basura
tune out = dejar de prestar atencion
take it out on (someone) = (lit: no lo saques en mi) = pagarlo con alguien
take out = sacar (al perro, a una cita)
talk out of = convencer a alguien
tease out = desenredear, isolar
tap out = (wrestling) = dejar una situacion, rendirse
spit out = escupir algo (Intr-> Tr)
squeeze out = estrujar (?) explusar
short out = cuando corta la electricidad (corto circuito)
snuff out = apagar, hacer que no vuelva a ocurrir
swap out = cambiar una cosa por otra


stand = estar de pie
stand out
= destacar

The soldiers stand at attention.
The turquoise necklace stands out in the photograph.

give = dar
give out = repartir; dejar de funcionar

Give me a minute and I'll be ready.
Robert works for a nightclub, giving out fliers.
I can't walk long distances, my knees give out easily.

put = poner
put out = sacar, publicar; extinguir

Put the dishes on the rack to dry.
The company put out a new edition of their catalogue.
We should put out the campfire before we leave, to be safe.

reach = alcanzar
reach out
= comunicarse, buscar la ayuda de alguien

They reached the summit of the mountain by afternoon.
The outreach program hopes to recruit new volunteers.
Thanks for reaching out during this difficult time.

belt = cinturón
belt out
= gritar fuertemente

When times are tough, you have to tighten your belt.
The singer belts out the notes of the song.

shout = gritar
shout out = sacar a gritos

"I'm right here," she said. "You don't need to shout."
If you know the answer, shout it out.

shell = concha, cascara
shell out
= pagar

the beach is full of shells.
The apartment is expensive. I'm shelling out €2000 a month!

go = ir
go out
= salir

Are you going to the party tonight?
Let's go out and get something to eat.

bust = explotar, dejar de funcionar
bust out
(also, burst out) = explotar, salir quebrando los confines de algo

Bernie or Bust!
The radio is busted, we'll have to get another one.
I ate so much, i'm busting out of my shirt.
The child's outbursts are causing her stress.
The crude oil burst out of the well when the pressure became too great.

send = enviar
send out
= enviar (en gran cantidad)

I sent my mother a card for Mother's Day.
I'm sending out invitations to the wedding.

rent = alquilar
rent out
= alquilar una casa o cuarto al publico

I rent an apartment in Lavapies.
I'm renting out my apartment for the month of August.

zoom = acercarse
zoom out
= ampliar la vista

The camera zooms quickly to the man's name tag.
The camera zooms out to reveal the audience.

spread = untar, dispersar
spread out
= dispersarse (un grupo)

She spreads the jelly on her toast.
The search team spread out in the forest to find the girl.
Spread out the pieces of the puzzle on the table.

look = mirar
look out for
someone = cuidar a alguien
Who are you looking at?
You don't need to worry, I'm looking out for you.
look out for something = tener cuidado, mantener vigilancia de algo
I look in magazines for inspiration.
Look out for the new iPhone 8. It should be available soon.

sing = cantar
sing out
= cantar fuerte, a voz alta

Can you sing well?
The volume of the keyboard is loud- you'll have to sing out to be heard.

turn = girar
turn out
= presentarse

The banana turned brown in one day.
The blood drive was a success. Lots of people turned out.

type = teclear
type out
= producir o sacar un documento tecleando

How many words can you type per minute?
I'll type out a contract for you.

whip = latigar
whip out
= sacar rapido

The driver of the carriage whips the horse to signal that he wants to go.
He whipped out his knife and the attacker ran away.

dig = excavar
dig out
= desenterrar

He dug a hole in the backyard and buried his dead cat there.
He tried to dig himself out of the hole he created.

stretch = estirar
stretch out
= estirarse

It's important to stretch before you do exercise.
You can stretch out on the sofa.

roll = enrollar
roll out
= salir con una nueva version (de coche, de tecnologia)

The ball rolls down the hill.
Mazda is rolling out their new model next week.
Roll out the dough evenly, then use the cookie cutter to cut shapes in it.
The manager expects us to roll out the red carpet for him every time he comes to the office.

set = configurar
set out
= dedicarse a una misión

Set your alarm for 6:00.
We set out to find the perfect christmas tree.

start = empezar
start out
= empezar un proceso

You may start the test now.
We're not experienced web designers. We're just starting out.

speak = hablar
speak out
= protestar, quebrar silencio

She will speak at the event.
If you speak out, they will fire you.

try = probar
try out
= probar poniendo en practica

Try our new BBQ steak fries!
I need to try out the new stereo system before I commit to buying it.

come = venir
come out
(come out of the closet)= declarar homosexualidad / salir

Can you come for lunch?
He came out to his parents last year.
The ball is stuck in the pipe, it's not coming out.

= cenar
dine out
(eat out) = comer afuera en un restaurant

We're dining with our friends Matt and Becky tonight.
The oven isn't working- I guess we'll be dining out tonight.

order = ordenar, pedir
order out
= pedir comida desde la casa por telefono para ser entregada

I ordered a couple shirts from the catalogue.
The general ordered a missile strike.
I want you to order the invitations alfabetically.
I'm too lazy to cook. Let's order out.


emfatizar, hacer mas fuerte (fuera de lo normal)

bleed out = sangrar mucho
act out = reaccionar, mal comportar
chew out = regañar mucho
call out = clamar (?), regañar, desafiar / gritar
cry out = gritar llorando
blurt out = [hablar] soltar, dejar escapar
dish out = repartir o regalar mucho
chill out = relajar
churn out = producir mucho, uno tras otro, como maquina
freak out = flipar
flip out = enojarse, enloquecerse
spaz out (same as “flip out”) = volverse loco
zone out = andar oblivio
creep out = disturbar, preocupar, hacer cuestionar o sentir raro
crank out (like ‘churn out’) = producir mucho, como maquina
pump out = bombear (?)
drag out = prolongar
gross out = dar asco (una transformacion de un estado o disposicion a otra) (fuera de la primera)
trip out = flipar
veg out = relajar zapeando la tele
pimp out = decorar como chulo

help out = participar ayudando / hacer donacion
draw out = prolongar / explicar claramente
spell out = deletrear, explicar para que lo entienda un imbecil
make out = besuquear
lash out = reaccionar violentamente
rock out = hacer parranda, fiesta, hacer algo extremo
stress out = estresarse (colloq)

por completo, fuera de proceso, hacia una conclusion

feel out = sentir para luego hacer una decision o juzgamiento
average out = resultar equilibrado
balance out = llegar a equilibrarse
even out = equilibrarse
sniff out = detectar
mellow out = relajar, llegar a estar mellow
straighten out = orgranizar / llegar a ser plano
smooth out = hacer mas liso, mas suave
flatten out = aplanarse por completo, llegar a ser completamente plano
bang out = producir y rapido
fade out = desaparecer lentamente por completo
scratch out = rayar al punto de no poderse leer
duke it out = fight it out = llegar a una conclusion peleando o discutiendo
bottom out = tocar fondo
knock out = golpear inconsciente
buy out = comprar toda la empresa de algo; adquirir
cancel out = cuando dos cosas se cancelan
burn out = extinguirse, agotarse, acabarse
blow out = apagar soplando
carry out = llevar a cabo
cross out = rayar
cash out = cambiar queques o fichas por efectivo (indicando que has terminado)
close out = cerrar por completo
clear out = vaciar
clean out = limpiar vaciando
die out = volver extinto (por ej, un especie de animales)
crap out = dejar de funcionar
fight out = llegar a una conclusion peleando
hash out = despedazar, picar por completo
blank out = olvidar, no seguir la conversacion
beat out = ganar un concurso o al final de un periodo de tiempo especificado
hollow out = hacer hueco
empty out = vaciar por completo
pan out = resultar exitoso
max out = llegar a tope, al maximo
level out = equilibrarse
play out = desarollarse por completo
see out = ver algo hasta el final
seek out = buscar a fondo
sell out = venderse (despectivo)
black out = desmayarse
(a black-out can also be un apague de la electricidad por todo una area)
(a brown-out is the same, but the electricity is completely off, rather, spotty and unreliable)
find out = enterarse / averiguar
give out = agotarse, dejar de funcionar
dry out = secar por completo
have it out = [lit: tenerlo por completo] = entrar en discusion profunda o extrema, decir toda la verdad, revelar todos los sentimientos negativos
lay out = desplegar, poner a la vista
map out = mapear la imagen completa
plan out = hacer planes completos
hear out = escuchar por completo
hold out = guardar algo personalmente, no compartir nada cuando se supone que se debe
hang out = salir, estar con amigos, (relajando a lo maximo se supone)
run out = agotarse, acabarse
feel out = sentir y observar para luego poder hacer una decision o juzgamiento
ride out = esperar a que se termine
tire out = cansar a alguien
work out = hacer ejercicio / resolver (un problema)
thin out = disminuir de cantidad
top out = llegar al tope
ring out = exprimir
snow out = cancelar por la nieve
sort out = arreglar, organizar
check out = echar un vistazo (also, apartar un libro de la biblioteca, salir de un hotel)


figure out = averiguar, razonar (hacer una figura, hacer una imagen completa)
bum out = decepcionarse, deprimirse
bliss out = extasiarse (un dicho muy hippie)
camp out = hacer campamento, mientras se espera que algo suceda
chicken out = hacerse el pollo
air out = respirar (una pieza de ropa, una cabina)
luck out = tener un toque de suerte
flesh out = dar carne a una idea
pig out = comer como puerco
rat out = entregar a la policia
scope out = scope is the range or complete picture of something, so to scope out is to seek the big picture.
scout out = buscar una lugar o local

geek = un freaky
geek out = hacerse muy geek de algo

He's an ánimé geek. He knows every character of every ánimé story.
When I go to the art supply store, I geek out on the pens. I'm a big fan of the Pilot Razor Point.

space = espacio
space out = (same as “zone out”) = andar en las nubes

I have space to hold your things while you're out of town.
Sometimes I space out when people start talking numbers.

sound = sonido
sound out = vocalizar

The sound of the refrigerator is getting worse.
If you sound out the sylables one by one, the pronunciation is easier.

root = raiz
root out = erradicar

A carrot is technically a root.
The Pentagon's mission is to root out terrorism.