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Vas a tener calor en donde estes.
You’re going to be hot wherever you are.

Cuando quieras, podemos ir.
Whenever you want, we can go.

No importa quien gane la carrera; los resultados no se grabarán.
It doesn’t matter who wins the race; the results won’t be recorded.
Whoever wins the race, the results won’t be recorded.

Quien sea el nuevo gerente, no le va a gustar la responsabilidad.
Whoever the new manager is, he’s not going to like the responsibility.

Cual color prefieres de los dos? Which of the two colors do you prefer?
el color que prefieras - whichever color you prefer



Translate these phrases.

Donde estas? Where are you?
donde estas - where you are
donde estes - wherever you are

A donde vas? - Where are you going?
a donde vas
a donde vayas

Por donde vives? - Where do you live?
por donde vives
por donde vivas

Con quien estas? - Who are you with?
con quien estas
con quien estes

Como lo haces?
como lo haces
como lo hagas

Como se hace?
como se hace
como se haga

A quien lo cuentas?
a quien lo cuentas
a quien lo cuentes

A quien se le cuenta?
a quien se le cuenta
a quien se le cuente

Cuando quieres ir a la montaña?
Cuando quieres ir a la montaña
cuando quieras ir a la montaña


Whichever is fine.
Cualquiera esta bien.

por lo que sea = for whatever reason (“whyever” no existe)

More examples of dependent clauses using Wh-.
Practice turning them into questions.

where the car is parked
where I’m taking my nephew
where you come from
where I’m from
where to put the mail
how to fold the clothes
how to spell “bureau”
how you know his name
why I never watch horror movies
why my grandmother talks so much
why the coffee tastes so bitter
who I’m going to the movies with
who you know in the group
who told the best joke
who ate the rest of the chips
when we’ll arrive to the hotel
when the weather gets better
when you have an answer
what you’re eating
what book you’re reading
which night of the week you are available

Use both words with the following phrases to make new sentences.

Where, wherever (you want to eat) (my car is parked) (the boy is hiding)
ex: Where do you want to eat? Wherever you want to eat is fine with me.

who, whoever (stole my phone) (is calling) (ate the last piece of chocolate)
what, whatever (she wants to do) (the room smells like) (the cost of the ticket)
how, however (they arrive) (the computer was fixed) (the child laughs)
when, whenever (the package arrives in the mail) (the sun goes down) (you wake up)
which, whichever (option you choose) (movie is playing now) (language he speak)