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in English, we often use the continuous tense ("-ing") for the near future / planned future.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: I can't talk right now, I am travelling to Morocco. (I'm on my way to Morocco.)
FUTURE: I am travelling to Morocco next week for business.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: You can't go in there, they are cleaning the bathroom right now.
FUTURE: They are cleaning the bathrooms tomorrow morning.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: Are you working right now?
FUTURE: Are you working this weekend?

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: She is being a party pooper.
FUTURE: She is being a zombie for Halloween.

PRESENT CONTINUOUS: I'm leaving the office now.
FUTURE: I'm leaving the office in 10 minutes.

In some cases where Spanish uses the present tense, English uses the continuous tense.

Alguien te llama.
Someone is calling you.

I’m coming.

Buenos dias, hablo con Maria?
Good morning, am I speaking with Maria?

Also, in many cases where Spanish uses the present, English uses the future tense.

Te llamo al rato.
I’ll call you in a while.

Te vuelvo a llamar enseguida.
I will call you right back.

Ahora voy.
I’ll be right there.

Is it present, present continuous, or future?

Tomorrow ______ to the doctor to take a blood test. (she / to go)

This morning ______ my friend at the Prado museum. (I, to meet)

My parents ______ next week. (us, to visit)

My parents _______ a hard time adjusting to the climate. (to have)

On our next vacation, _______ Lanzarote. (we, to go to)

_______ tomorrow? (you, to work)

If it snows, the roads _______ slippery. (to be)

It looks like ______ cloudy today. (it, to be)

Perhaps ______ New York some day. (I, to visit)

Maybe the house ______ ready to sell next month. (to be)

The house definitely _______ ready to sell next month (to be)

The house ________ repairs before it can be sold. (to need)