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Specific translation discrepancies, Eng <> Span

como pronto = at the earliest.
como muy tarde = at the latest
como poco = at the least
como mucho = at the most

te ves = you look

no te hagas = dont lie

In case you didn’t know... = por si no sabias...
in case you didn’t notice… = por si no te dabas cuenta...

se te nota = you can tell (I can tell)

How do you say these in English? What do they mean?
el de la verguenza
tener ganas
no tener dos dedos de frente
poner las pilas
poner los cuernoss
sacar de quicio
sacar la piedra
tomar el pelo
zumba el mango (fling the mango?)
volverse un ocho

What's wrong with these sentences?
• Do you have sister?
• It's not easy learn English.
• Where's my pencil? Have you seen him?
• I am more tall than my brother.
• Was snowing when I got up.
• She took off the glasses.

once / once (una vez / una vez)
una vez que estoy aqui / now that I'm here
una vez que termines tu proyecto / once you finish the project