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A gerund is the use of a verb to make a noun or noun phrase, using "-ing"

EX: to eat --> eating

Eating is necessary.
Eating cotton candy is disgusting.
Eating after midnight is not recommended.

Make sentences with these gerund phrases.

going to the movies
taking a walk
riding a rollercoaster
cutting your wrists
breaking a tooth
losing your mind
doing yoga
baking cookies
living with chronic pain
writing a letter
planning a trip
sleeping in
inciting violence
planting flowers
watching TV
blaming your spouse

Finish these sentences with a gerund phrase of your own:

____ drives me crazy.

_____ makes me sad.

_____ is fun.

_____ makes me happy.

______ is annoying.

______ is an activity I recommend.

______ would be a disaster.

______ sounds like fun.

______ is risky.

_________ is not a good idea.


Finish these sentences however you can.
It may require an SVO, VO, gerund, or other noun phrase.

I like _________

I love _________

I dislike _________

I hate __________

It drives me crazy when _______

It makes me sad when _______

It is fun ____________

It makes me happy ____________

It is annoying _________

I recommend ________

I do not recommend _________

It would be a disaster ________

It sounds fun to _________

It is risky to _________

I would not be surprised if __________

I find __________ challenging.

I find it challenging to ___________.

I can't stand it when __________

I can't stand _________.

_________ is important to do at least once a day.

It is important to _______ at least once a day.

I can't imagine ___________.


More gerund examples:

Are you good at swimming? (natacion). Eres bueno en la natacion?

Do you like going to the movies? (ir) Te gusta ir al cine?

Where will the filming happen? (rodaje) Cuando sera el rodaje?

One of Jack Nicholson's most iconic roles was in The Shining. (El Resplandor)

If you buy the DVD, you'll get all the extras, including 'the making of'. (la produccion de)

"Knowing is half the battle." (G.I. Joe) (saber)

Growing your own vegetables takes time, attention, and patience. Most people prefer to buy them at the supermarket.

"Losing is not an option!" (perder)

Drinking green tea has many benefits.

I prefer to eat out because cooking at home is a messy and time-consuming process. (cocinar)

The programming of that software is dysfunctional. (programacion)



Identify the gerund and gerund phrase in these sentences.

Have you ever thought about working in a bakery?

When did you start learning English?

Although I love cheese, digesting it is problematic for me.

She has an exam tomorrow, so she won't be doing any drinking tonight.

If you are preparing a salad, I can help you by chopping the tomatoes.

Notar que si es la accion de alguien, se refiere como "suyo"

Your filing a complaint will not make a difference.

I appreciate your letting me know.

His criticizing the show ruined the experience for everyone else.

"How's my driving? Call 1-800-56-DRIVE"

Her constant nagging became the source of his