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Falta de "que" en inglés


Let’s pretend we are millionaires. Fingamos que somos milionarios.
He told you he was leaving. El te dijo que se iba.
I know you want to… Sé que quieres….
Did you know she was pregnant? Sabias que estaba embarazada?
She told me she loved me. Me dijo que me queria.
I worry you'll get lost without GPS. Me preocupo que te pierdas sin el GPS.
I'm afraid the cat is stuck somewhere. Temo que el gato este atrapado en algun lugar.
I'm really happy you found what you were looking for.
The doctor says I have one month to live.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Imagine you are on the beach.

In other cases it is necessary or more common to put something between the two clauses.

I don’t care that you're poor.
I don't care if you're poor.
I don't mind if you stay here tonight.
Remember that the plants need to be watered twice weekly.