Stephen Wade Thomson
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age, message, bandage, cage, damage, danger, emergency, garbage, allergic, apologize, digital, engine, apology, clergy, general, gentle, gentle giant, germ, language, luggage, manage, register, giraffe, imagine, gymnasium, gymnastics, orange, package, page, stage, stranger, teenager, margin, magic, rigid, tragic, gypsy, pudge`, gel
jungle, jack, jingle bells, jolly, James, jewelry, jelly

yes, yell, yet, you, yolk, yellow

arrive, vowel, vocal, very, Van Gogh, vaccuum, village, drive, devil, brave, achieve, advise, avoid, vanity, Evan, give, thrive, shiver, clover, move, improve, novel

buzz, zebra, zoo, zap, easy, breeze, causal, bizarre, agonize, analyze, amazing, dazed and confused, bruise, cruise, cheese, freeze, gazebo, treason, enzyme, reason, doze, bulldozer, bees, fees, please, czar, crazy

S vs Sh
soul, shoulder, sake, Shall We Dance?, shoes and socks, cellar, seller, something, salmon,
Sandy sells sea shells by the sea shore.
Samuel should sell shoulder pads to the soccer players on Sunday.
Stand by the window sill and tell me if you see Shelly sitting in her studio.
Speak softly so that the soldiers won’t hear you.

massage, mirage, beige, garage; version, conclusion, decision, usual, casual, measure, exposure, visual, seizure, luxurious, genre

wander, wacky, wall, wish, wither, wicker, win, well, where, when, why, we’ll, wheel, we’re, weird, slower, flower; would, wood, wool, wolf, womb, wonder, won, wok, walk

have, height, helicopter, husband, hello, Homo Erectus, Here and Now, hospital, happy, Harry Houdini

right, over, cartoon, there, bird, service, girl, ready, race, rain forest, rainstorm, react, Ronda, runner, rock and roll, trail, Freddy Kruger, Freddy Mercury, sorry, brat, fraternity, crass, pretty, free, frivolous

(remember, “rah” is very similar to “wah”)

date, confide, danger, Dominic, inside, doctor, murder, darts, Brad, divide

th (vocalized)
this, that, the, there, though, than, rather, father, writhe, feather, leather, clothe / clothes, gather

th (non-vocal)
think, thick, thin, thorough, through, cloth, sloth, with, author, wrath, bath, teeth