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itself, myself, yourself, herself, himself, ourselves, themselves // each other
"___self" = "mismo" / reflexivo (a si mismo)
"each other" = reflexivo entre dos o mas


"___ self" = reflexivo (a si mismo)

I hurt myself this morning while trying to fix the broken sink.

Make yourself useful and chop these vegetables.

-Are you at work?
-No, I'm at the beach enjoying myself!

dry yourself (off)
enjoy yourself
sabotage yourself
help yourself to the snacks
introduce yourself to the neighbors
cut yourself with the kitchen knife
hurt yourself
prepare yourself
teach yourself
kill yourself
find yourself
express yourself
distance yourself
blame yourself
behave yourself
amuse yourself
apply yourself
see yourself in 5 years

give yourself a break

cut yourself some slack

don't beat yourself up


"each other" = reflexivo entre dos o mas personas

When will we see each other?

They love each other very much.

The people in the group support each other by listening and empathizing.

The students communicate with each other through text message while in class.



"____self" = mismo

The structure itself is made of recycled materials.

The chef makes amazing food. The raw ingredients themselves are delicious- always organic.

The apps are constantly updated. The phone itself becomes obsolete after a few years.

-Why didn't you come to the bar?
-Because you were busy and couldn't meet me. You said so yourself.