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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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labour of love = something you do for pleasure, not for money
land on your feet = make a quick recovery after a difficult situation
landslide victory = victory by huge margin
larger than life = impressive, remarkable in appearance, behavior, or personality
lash out at someone = to attack someone verbally
last but not least = an expression used to insure the audience that the last person mentioned is no less important than the others
if something is on its last legs = it's in a weak condition, about to die
the last thing on my mind = the least important thing, something i'm not thinking about
last resort = last recourse
last straw = the latest unpleasant thing that makes you say "basta"
to have the last word = to make the ultimate decision
laugh it off = try to show that you don't care about something that was said or done
laughing stock = when you do something that becomes the source of ridicule by others
lay down the law = to enforce the law
in leaps and bounds = rapid, spectacular progress
learn the hard way = learn by experience (usually unpleasant experience)
learn the ropes = learn how to do a job correctly
learning curve = the length of time needed to learn something new
leave the door open = allow the possibility of further action
leave high and dry = to abandon
leave well enough alone = not interfere with something that is OK as it is
left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing = referring to the disorder of a large organization
left to one's own devices = not supervised, allowed to make decisions for oneself
pull someone's leg = lie or attempt to trick someone
Less is more = a concept in design and esthetics
lesser of two evils = the option that is not as bad as the other
let the cat ouf of the bag = let slip a secret
to the letter = exactly as told or written
artistic license = making creative decisions, justified by creativity
licking your lips = showing your excitement and anticipation for something
lick one's own wounds = trying to recover from a defeat or failure
keep a lid on something = to keep it secret
to lie through your teeth = lying completely, brazenly
white lie = something that is not true but makes a situation more comfortable
to risk life and limb = to do something despite serious danger
lift a finger = to do something to help
light at the end of the tunnel = hope for the future after a long period of difficulty
make light work of something = to do it easily
light years ahead = very advanced
lights on but no one is home = humorous way to say someone is not intelligent
to see something in a new light = to view something with a new perspective.
shed light on something = give attention to something, help make something easier to understand
out like a light = unconscious
likely story = when you do not believe something that has been told
bottom line = the essential point / (business: profit margin)
cross the line = do something unacceptable
read between the lines = infer
lion's share = the majority of something
lip service = give verbal support but take no action
stiff upper lip = contain one's emotion
lips are sealed = you promise not to reveal a secret
lipstick on a pig = trying to make something look appealing when it is really not
live beyond your means = spending more money than you're making
living from hand to mouth = no money to save, living subsistence
living on the edge = having a dangerous or risky lifestyle
living out of your suitcase = travelling a lot, restricted to the contents of your suitcase
live to see another day = continue to exist
live to tell the tale = survive a terrible experience
live up to expectation = to meet expectations
live wire = someone who is highly vivacious and energetic (lit: a wire with electric current)
lo and behold! = et voila!
take a load off = rest
loan shark = a person who lends money at extremely high interest rates to people who are unable to obtain a loan from the bank.
lock horns = get in a dispute with someone
lock, stock and barrel = everything, altogether
long in the tooth = old
to have come a long way = to have made a lot of progress
look before you leap = think carefully before you take action
look on the bright side = consider the positive, see the favorable aspects
look down your nose at someone = view someone as inferior
looks the part = fits the description, your appearance makes you ideal for a role
by the look of things = por lo visto
looking out for number one = taking care of yourself before others
loose cannon = someone who cannot be trusted because of his irresponsnible or unpredictable behavior
tying up loose ends = clearing up previous doubts
(not) lose sleep = not be bothered by something
lose touch with something = no longer have the ability to do something
lose track of time = focus on something so much you forget what time it is
lose train of thought = forget what you're saying
at a loss = unsure how to act or what do do
no love lost between two things = they do not like each other at all
low-hanging fruit = easily reachable target
luck of the draw = by luck / chance
lump in your throat = when you become emotional and want to cry
at the top of your lungs = as loudly as you can