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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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rack your brain = search your brain (to remember something)
from rags to riches = to start poor and become wealthy
to take a rain check = cant accept an invitation right now, but will save it for later
raining cats and dogs = lloviendo a cantaros
rake in the money = make money in large quantities
ram something down someone’s throat = force someone to accept something against their will
rant and rave = angrily complain about something
take the rap = accept blame
when something rears its ugly head = something unpleasant emerges after lying dormant for a period of time.
recharge your batteries = relax and recover your energy
recipe for disaster = likely to produce bad results
set the record straight = correct an error for public record
red carpet = special treatment
(roll out the red carpet for someone = give them special treatment)
red tape = bureaucracy
in the red = in debt
seeing red = super angry, irrational
caught red-handed = caught while doing something illegal
refresh someone’s memory = remind someone of facts they have forgotten
remains to be seen = if a decision or outcome has not yet been determined
the rest is history = no need to finish the story, because we all know what happens
ride it out / ride out the storm = manage to survive through a difficult situation
take someone for a ride = cheat or deceive someone
riding high = enjoying a period of success
right as rain = in excellent health
right up your alley = of particular interest to you
ring a bell = sound familiar
a rip-off = una estafa
a ripple effect = when an action has a larger reaction because it causes a chain of events
rise to the occasion = do something successfully in difficult circumstances
road rage = anger while driving
rob the cradle = to have a romantic relationship with someone much younger than yourself
rob Peter to pay Paul = pay one debt with money borrowed from someone else, thus creating another debt
it’s not rocket science = it’s not super difficult
to rock the boat = to go against convention or traditional wisdom
roll with the punches = deal with a difficult situation by being flexible
rolling in money (rolling in it) = very wealthy
When in Rome… (do as the Romans do) = one should adopt the customs of the people or country that one is visiting.
go through the roof = subir extraordinariamente
rub shoulders with someone = have the opportunity to socialize with someone, especially someone famous or distinguished.
when the rubber hits the road = the moment when you put a theory into practice
rue the day = bitterly regret what you did
sweep under the rug = try to hide something because it is embarrassing or unpleasant
bend the rules = to be lenient with someone if they did not do something correctly
if something is run down = it is in poor condition
it runs the gamut = it covers the entire range
run circles around someone = show much more skill or ability than an opponent
it runs in the family = es heredetario
run-of-the-mill = ordinary
run out of something = se te agota, se te acaba
run out of steam = lose energy
in a rut = en una mala racha