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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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ahead of the pack = someone who is doing better than the rest
pack of lies = total bullshit, a large number of untruthful statements
packed = petado
paper trail = evidence of one's actions in documents (digital or otherwise)
on paper = theoretically
par for the course = typical of what to expect
part and parcel = a key component, essential element
partner in crime = someone who helps you keep a secret or do a bad thing
the party's over = the period of happiness and freedom has ended
passing fancy = fleeting interest
have something down pat = have some routine learned perfectly
pay dearly for something = suffer a lot for something
pedal to the metal = to accelerate, to go faster
square peg in a round hole = out of place, not suitable for a job
pick someone's brain = to ask someone advice about something that they know well.
pick a fight = start a fight
pick up the pieces = to start over after something is destroyed
picking up steam = growing, developing
pick up the tab = assume the cost of the bill
in a pickle = in a difficult situation
It's no picnic = it's not easy, it's not wonderful
a picture is worth a thousand words =
get the picture = understand what is being said or described
pie in the sky = unrealistic ideas
piece of the action = participation in an event
piece of cake = easy
pig out = eat like a pig
bitter pill to swallow = something difficult to accept
in a pinch = in a tight situation, needing something immediately
pins and needles = hormigueo
in the pipeline = currently in progress, being processed
to find your place in the sun = to reach a position of wealth and happiness
plan B = alternative plan
to have a lot on your plate = to have many responsibilities
play your cards right = to take the right steps towards a goal
play it by ear = see how it goes
playing with fire = to take unnecessary risk, behave dangerously
Play games = be dishonest, behave insincerely
play by the rules = behave fair and honestly
when someone is not playing with a full deck = they lack intelligence
pleased as punch = delighted, very satisfied
guilty pleasure = enjoyment of something that is considered bad
to plug something = to advertise or promote something
a plum job = a position that is well paid and easy to do
deep pockets = having a lot of money
point of no return = the point at which you can not go back, you must continue to the end.
besides the point = not relevant
to get to the point = llegar al grano
poker face = face showing no expression
polish off something = finish quickly, easily (food, for ex)
politically correct = choosing words that do not offend
pop the question = ask to marry
is the Pope Catholic? = Do birds fly? = Is the sky blue? = (a humorous way of saying "of course")
pot luck dinner = a dinner with friends where everyone brings something
the pot calling the kettle black = when a person at fault accuses someone else of the same fault
hot potato = a sensitive or controversial matter that is difficult to deal with
small potatoes = insignificant, not problematic
pound the pavement = to walk the streets looking for employment or to raise funds
pour your heart out = express all of your feelings
preaching to the choir = trying to convince someone who already agrees with you
pregnant pause = a long pause full of meaning
pressed for time = in a hurry
when something costs a pretty penny = it is expensive
the price you have to pay = what you have to endure
prime of one's life / carreer = en el ápice
when your ears prick up = you suddenly pay attention to what is being said
to get your priorities straight = to prioritize
to keep a low profile = to try not to attract attention
high profile = well known
the proof is in the pudding = something can only be judged after it has been tested; the success or failure is self evident.
pull someone's leg = trick someone
pull out all the stops = do everything you can to make something successful
pull no punches = hold nothing back
pull strings = use influential friends in order to obtain an advantage
pull through = recover from a sickness
pull the rug from under someone's feet = suddenly remove help or support
pull your weight = do your fair share of the work
like pulling teeth = extremely difficult
punch line = the funny part of a joke
push the envelope = to insist
push one's luck = try to get more than what you have already, at some risk of losing
if push comes to shove = if things get really difficult
pushing up daisies = dead
put your cards on the table = speak honestly, showing everything
to put it mildly = to understate something
to put your feet up = to sit down and relax, to be casual
to put your foot down = to exert authority, prevent something from happening
to put your foot in your mouth = you say something you shouldn't have
to put someone in their place = to show authority over someone, to correct someone's bad behavior
to put in a good word for someone = to say positive things about someone in order to help them
to put on the spot = to ask someone a question they cant or dont want to answer
put that in your pipe and smoke it = asi que toma!
put two and two together = understand something by putting together the little information you have
put words in someone's mouth = claim someone said something that they did not actually or explicitly say.
Pyrrhic victory = a victory obtained at a tremendous cost, almost not worth winning.