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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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odds and ends = a disorganized bunch of little things, small articles you keep around that may or may not be useful
at odds = in disagreement
off the cuff = speaking without preparation
on the off-chance = with a slight possibility of success
off the record = privately, not for the public record
off your rocker = crazy
off the top of your head = speaking without thorough investigation
old wives' tale = a traditional belief that has been proved wrong by science
olive branch = an offering of make peace
one with ____ = unido con.. del sentido buddhista
on the fly = improvisationally
on the map = well known, famous
on the mend = recovering
one fell swoop = todo de un solo golpe
once in a blue mooon = occurring seldomly
one trick pony = someone who can only do one thing
one track mind = when you only can think about one thing
one too many = (one drink too many)
to one-up someone = to beat someone, do better than someone
out of the blue = de pronto, aparecer de la nada
to go out on a limb = to take a chance
out like a light = asleep totally
out of the question = impossible, not to be considered
out of sync = not syncronized
out of whack = not properly working
out of touch = no longer communicating with someone
out of order = averiado
over and done with = finished, dont have to worry about it anymore
to go overboard = to go too far, to go to excess
out of this world = extremely good of fascinating
over the hill = older than 40
over the moon = extremely pleased
over the top = excessive, not suitable for the occasion
the world is your oyster = you are free and able to do what you want in the world