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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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like nailing jelly to the wall = something difficult to do
your name written all over it = perfectly suited for you
necessary evil = something you don’t like but you have to accept
neck and neck = tied (in a game or race)
pain in the neck = annoying, irritating
stick your neck out = say or do something risky
needle in a haystack = impossible to find or locate
neither here nor there = not relevant
to have nerves of steel = to be strong, facing danger courageously
get on someone’s nerves = to begin to annoy someone
never say never = anything is possible
nevermind = forget it
never in a million years = absolutely never
next best thing = best alternative to what you wanted
in the nick of time = at the last minute, almost too late
night owl = someone who likes to stay up throughout the night
nine times out of ten = 90% of the time
on cloud nine = en la gloria
dressed to the nines = dressed glamourously
nitty-gritty = the core of a subject; the details of something
to no end = continuously, constantly
it’s a no-go = it wont work, the plan is cancelled
no hard feelings = sin rencor
no holds barred = no limits, no rules of conduct
no two ways about it = asi es la cosa, no hay otra manera de llegarle
it’s no use = es futil, no hay manera
non sequitur = (Latin) not logically following
use your noodle = use your brain
when someone’s nose is out of joint = they are offended or annoyed
if someone is ‘not all there’ = he/she acts strangely, maybe lacking intelligence or sense
nothing to write home about = no great news
nothing ventured, nothing gained = you can win if you dont play
Now you’re talking! = show encouragement and agreement with something ('eso!’)
nowhere to be found = impossible to find
null and void = legally invalid
crunch numbers = do the math
go nuts = go crazy
nuts and bolts = detailed facts, practical aspects