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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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I’m not made of money = I’m not rich. (I cant afford to buy that)
Make an ass of yourself = behave ridiculously
make a beeline for something = rush towards something
Make a big deal out of something = hacer gran asunto de algo?
Make the best of things = accept circumstances that are not ideal and try your best
make or break = a situation that will result in total success or total failure
to make it = to arrive at a goal / It’s hard to make it as an actor in L.A. / I made it to the post office 10 minutes before they closed. I didn’t make the train on time. I tried to run 10 miles but only made it half way.
make a comeback = returning to success after a period of loss or failure.
a comeback can also be a verbal spar in a discussion.
Make the cut = survive to the next level, be selected for the next round
make ends meet = make just enough money to survive.
makes my skin crawl = something distrubs, disgusts, freaks me out
to make a go of something = to make a situation work
Make hay while the sun shines = take advantage of good situation while it lasts
to make headway = to make progress
to make inroads = to make progress
make a killing = to have great financial success in one particular endeavor
to make light work of something = to finish a difficult task with little effort
(also: to make short work)
make light of something = not take something seriously, pretending something serious is not
make a mountain out of a molehill = make something trivial seem tragic, make a big deal out of something small
make it a point to…. = asegurarse de hacer algo, hacer algo deliberadamente
(also: make a point of + gerund)
make sense of something = to work to understand something
make it fast = hurry up, do it fast
(also: make it quick)
Do I have time to smoke a cigarette? - Make it quick.
to make up for lost time = to work harder after a period of delay
make yourself scarce = to leave in order to avoid an uncomfortable situation

off the mark = not on target, inaccurate, wrong
matter of time = cuestion de tiempo
… for that matter = not even, neither
to mean business = to be serious about something
meet halfway = compromise with someone
to meet your maker = to die
meet-and-greet = a reception of a public figure to shake hands and do PR.
if memory serves me, = if i remember correctly,
a trip down memory lane = having good memories
on the mend = recovering
a method to one’s madness = seemingly irrational behavior has a reason
middle of nowhere = in a remote area = el quinto pino
middle of the road = (politically) appealing to a majority, not taking extreme opinions
burn the midnight oil = stay up late to finish a project
to go / to be put through the mill = to suffer a difficult period, exposed to rough treatment
feel like a million bucks = feel wonderful
to mince words = to speak covertly, not directly. To not say what you really mean.

mind over matter = mental power to overcome physical difficulties / telekinesis
mind-boggling = amazingly difficult to understanding
if something crosses your mind = you suddenly think about it
out of your mind = crazy, insane
mind your own business!
mind your own beeswax! = a way of telling someone to fuck off, stop being nosy
mind your P’s and Q’s = act with careful attention to detail.
of sound body and mind = healthy, pscyhologically and physically
one-track mind = only thinking about one thing

mint condition = in perfect condition, despite being old
to miss the boat = to miss an opportunity by inaction
missing the point = failing to understand the essence of an argument
a mixed bag = some good things, some bad things
mixed feelings = conflicting emotions
moment of truth = a critical moment when a judgement is made as to whether you succeeded or failed
Money doesn’t grow on trees = money is not plentiful or easy to obtain
money laundering = make illegally obtained money look legitimate
more money than sense = when someone spends their money foolishly
money talks = money buys influence and power
to get your money’s worth (out of something) = to use something to the extent of justifying its cost
a month of Sundays = a very long time
over the moon = very happy
once in a blue moon = very seldom
moot point = a point of contention or debate; (more contemporarily used to mean “irrelevant point”)

move the goalposts = change the rules of conditions halfway through the game, figuratively
move heaven and earth = do everything within one’s power
move in the same circles = to socialize with others who have a similar background or interests
moving up in the world (or just ‘moving up’) = becoming important in society or successful in a career
movers and shakers = people in power who take an active part in making things happen
much obliged = thank you very much
muddy the waters = confuse the issue
mum’s the word = dont speak about it, it’s secret
to get away with murder = to manage to do something without punishment
Murphy’s Law = Anything that can go wrong will go wrong
my way or the highway = accept it, or leave