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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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gift of the gab = the ability of someone to speak confidently and easily
take a gander = take a look
gathering dust = stagnating, delaying, being neglected
gentleman’s agreement = an agreement not written or signed, between two trusting parties.
get a grip = control yourself
get a load of something = check something out = take a look at something
get a move on = go, hurry up
get away with murder = to do something really bad and not get punished
get your act together = organize yourself, clean up
get the axe = lose one’s job
get cold feet = hesitating, doubting, not acting
get cracking = get to work = start doing something immediately
get down to brass tacks = to cut the chit-chat, to begin to talk seriously
get your feet wet = start to do something new, explore new territory
get out of hand = become uncontrollable
get something over with = to finish something so you can stop thinking about it.
get a hold of someone = manage to reach someone = conseguir contacto con alguien
get the gist = understand the basic idea of something
get the message = understand something even though it wasn’t made explicit
get off my back! = leave me alone!
get off the hook = avoid punishment or blame
get off your high horse! = stop thinking you’re superior
get a kick out of something = find something amusing
get a rise out of someone = provoke someone
get off the ground = launch, become successful
get something out of your system = to do something until you dont feel compelled to do it anymore
get the better of someone = defeat someone
get the picture = understand the message
get this show on the road = to put a plan into action
get to the bottom of something = to solve something, find the cause
get the hang of something = get used to doing something= become comfortable doing something
give someone the benefit of the doubt = believe them since there is no evidence to the contrary
give a hard time = to make things difficult for someone, to criticize
give or take = mas o menos
give me a break = no jodas
glass ceiling = discriminatory barrier against women and minorities
to go against the grain = to run contrary to normal
go all out = use all your effort
go bananas = go crazy
go ballistic = become very angry
go belly up = to fail, go bankrupt
go down in history = to be recorded in history
go the extra mile = make an extra effort
go to extremes = to act in a way that lacks moderation
go with the flow = accept what happens
go to great lengths to do something = try really hard, make every effort to do something
when two things go hand in hand = they often coincide
go nuts = go crazy = (it can mean "enjoy all you want")
go off the deep end = lose control of one's emotions
go off the rails = lose control, behave in an unacceptable manner
go off on a tangent = change the subject in the middle of a conversation
go off without a hitch = it worked without any problems
go out of your way to do something = make a concerted effort to specifically do something
go overboard = to do something too much, behave excessively
go postal = lose one's temper, behave in a violent manner
go out of business = go bankrupt, close down
go to hell in a handbag = deterioriate, become terrible
go through the roof = become very angry
go through the motions = to behave or practice something without feelings
go up in smoke = fail or end before producing a result
a going concern = algo en marcha y de importancia
going places = likely to be successful
when the going gets tough, the tough get going = when faced with difficulty, strong people take action
golden parachute = generous pension for CEO's of big companies if their employment is terminated
golden shower = being peed on (see Trump and Putin)
golden rule = treat others as you wish to be treated
gone with the wind = disappeared forever
good riddance! = an expression of relief when something is gone
wild goose chase = a waste of time looking for something you are unlikely to find
grab a bite = go get something to eat
grasping at straws = desperately trying anything to fix a solution
grass roots = ordinary people forming the base of an organization
on the gravy train = making money easily and in abundance
guilty pleasure = enjoyment of something that is not considered proper
green light = signal of authorization to do something
grey area = not clear or easy to define, between black and white
grey matter = brain tissue (brains)
grin and bear it = accept something without complaining
grinning from ear to ear = smiling wide, very satisfied
grit your teeth = clench your teeth = work persistently
hold a grudge towards someone/ about something = tener un rencor
your guess is as good as mine = yo no sé mas que tu
guinea pig = the test subject
gut feeling = un presentimiento