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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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eager beaver = someone who is hardworking and enthusiastic, sometimes too much
in one ear and out the other = immediately forgotten or ignored
keep your ear to the ground = make sure you stay aware of what is going on
music to my ears! = That sounds great, makes me happy.
Play it by ear = do something without much planning or preparation
to fall on deaf ears = to not be heard or paid attention to.
easier said than done = sound easy, but actually difficult to do or put in practice
easy does it = slow down, do something carefully
eat crow = to admit you were wrong about something and apologize
I could eat a horse = I’m very hungry
to eat, sleep, and breathe something = passionate about something
eat someone alive = severely criticize
eat into savings = to spend savings
to eat your words = to admit that what you said before was wrong
economical with the truth = omitting important facts, giving incomplete information
on the edge of your seat = super excited, nervous
to egg someone on = to encourage someone to do something
nest egg = a reserve of money you put aside for future needs
(to have or to put) all your eggs in one basket = to depend on one plan or one source of income
walking on eggshells = treading carefully around someone who is super sensitive
ego trip = doing something to draw attention to yourself and feel important
elbow grease = manual force
elbow room = space to move
in your element = doing something well and with enjoyment
elephant in the room = a huge problem no one wants to discuss
eleventh hour = the last minute, when it’s almost too late
make ends meet = live at the subsistence level, barely getting by
enough said = completely understood, no need to continue
err on the side of caution = be cautious, rather than risky
see the error of your ways = come to realize a more correct behavior
in essence = essentially
to be ‘even keel’ = to be calm, stable, untroubled
even the score = get revenge
even steven = (even)
every nook and cranny = every part of a space or place
necessarily evil = something that you dont like but must accept because the alternative is worse
explore all avenues = try all possible soluitions
There’s more (to something) than meets the eye = something is more complex than it appears at first
keep your eye peeled = watch carefully for something