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What personal anecdotes you think of when you read these phrases? Is there a spanish equivalent for the phrase? Make notes of any questions you have regarding these phrases.
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back at you = igualmente
back on your feet = healed, recuperated, working again
back to square one = borrando todo, a empezar de nuevo
back to the drawing board = beginning again
put your best foot forward = to do your best effort
blow out of the water = destroy
blow your mind = hacer que flipes
until you’re blue in the face = continuing to do something with no result
broken record = repetitive
better off = mejor asi sin algo o alguien
broad daylight = en plena luz
brush it off = disregard it, dont give it importance
brush up on = learn more about
backed into a corner = not given any way out, given no options
The ball’s in your court = it’s your move = it’s your turn to act

more bang for the buck = more valuable or powerful for the same cost
bar none = no exceptions
his bark is worse than his bite = he talks a lot but doesn’t act as much
batting a thousand = winning all of the time
batting five hundred = winning half of the time
to not bat an eye = show no reaction
boiling = angry
to leave someone holding the baby = leave them with the responsbility that no one wants
to know something like the back of your hand = to know something very well
to have your back to the wall = in serious difficulty, without options
backhanded compliment = a statement that appears to be a compliment but serves as an insult.
backseat driver = someone critical of the driver
bad egg = a bad person
bad shape = run down, in disrepair, needing to be cleaned, fixed, and renewed.
a bone to pick = un rencor
in the bag = when something will be an obvious success
bait and switch = deceptive commercial practice of advertising
a low-priced item to attract customers, then telling them that the product is out of stock and persuading them to buy a more expensive article.
a balancing act = a challenge to do many things
the ball and chain = one’s spouse
have a ball = have a great time
whole new ball game = a paradigm shift = a new set of circumstances
to get the ball rolling = to put a process in motion, to begin
be my guest = “yes, you may” = consent
be that as it may = aun asi, sin embargo (pero)
the be-all end-all = el colmo
a brush with death = a near death experience
to pass the buck = to blame someone else
the buck stops here = the responsibility is ours, we will not pass the blame
beat around the bush = avoid being direct
beating a dead horse = wasting time on something that is impossible to achieve
buckle under = to give in, to fall down, to submit
bump into = toparse con (alguien)
to bat one’s eyes = blink in a sexy way
I beat you to it = I already did it
(it) beats me = no tengo idea
to wait with bated breath = to wait excitedly for something
to be off = to leave “Well, I’m off.” “Bien, me voy.”
beyond me = I dont understand it
beyond repair = can’t be fixed
big shot = man who feels super important
your big break = una gran oportunidad para ti
big bucks = lots of money
big deal = algo muy importante
no big deal = no importa mucho
at someone’s beck and call = always attentive to someone
bee in your bonnet = something you cant stop thinking about
the bee’s knees = exceptionally good
beef up = mejorar, hacer algo mas fuerte
before you know it = very soon something will happen
bundle up = wear lots of warm clothing
be there for someone = listen to or be with someone when they need it
“he’s a generous guy, he’s always there for you.”
a bun in the oven = to be pregnant
the big picture = toda la situacion, todo el contexto
beggars can’t be choosers = dont reject an offer if it’s the only one you have
behind bars = in prison
behind closed doors = in secret
beside oneself = intensely emotional
bent out of shape = angry over something that cant be avoided
benefit of the doubt = believe someone for lack of evidence to the contrary
bend the truth = exaggerate the truth
bend over backwards for someone = do anything for someone
to have something under your belt = to have something within your repertoire, within your experience
to tighten your belt = to spend less.
below the belt = not legitimate, unfair
best bet = safest choice
best of both worlds = the benefits from two different things
better late than never = mejor tarde que nunca
better safe than sorry = mejor seguro que arrepentido
bide your time = to wait for a better moment
beyond your wildest dreams = better than you could have imagined = mas alla que tu sueño mas fantastico
birthday suit = naked
to bite the bullet = do or accept something difficult
to bite the dust = die
to bite off more than you can chew = to try to do something that is too difficult
to bite your tongue = to shut up
bitten by the bug = to develop a sudden interest in something
once bitten twice shy = cautious the second time around
black market = mercado negro
black sheep = the one in the family who behaves badly
black tie (event) = an occasion that requires formal wear like tuxedos and dresses
brainstorm = think together in a group
wet blanket = someone who ruins the fun, makes something unenjoyable
a blessing in disguise = a good result from an apparently bad or unfortunate situation
blind as as bat = with terrible vision
in the blink of an eye = in an instant = en un abrir y cerrar del ojo
a blockbuster = a piece of media that is hugely successful, a large commercial project
blow a fuse = become suddenly angry
blow something out of proportion = exagerrate
a whistleblower / to blow the whistle = to report an illegal activity of your company to authorities
out of the blue = fuera del cielo, de la nada, de repente
bored to tears = tan aburrido que quiere llorar
brainfreeze = when you eat something really cold
brainfart = when you cant remember something obvious
a no-brainer = a decision or choice that requires no thought
get down to brass tacks = llegar al grano
break the mould = quebrar el molde, hacer algo original
a breeze = something that is super easy to do
bring the house down = do a hugely successful performance
bring someone to heel = to force discipline
bring something to the table = have something to offer
to burst one’s bubble = to deliver bad news
kick the bucket = die
nip it in the bud = stop something before it gets worse
burn your bridges = to leave on bad terms with someone
on the backburner = to be done later, to think about later
burning the candle at both ends = working too hard; going to bed late and getting up early
bury your head in the sand = avoid a painful truth that requires action
bury the hatchet = to forgive someone
business as usual = continuing in a conventional way
to butter someone up = to flatter someone because you want something
butterflies in your stomach = a feeling of excitement and nervousnes