Stephen Wade Thomson
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Which do you prefer / Which is better? Your answer can be one of the two, or "neither", or "both". Explain why.

facebook or twitter?
novels or short stories?
cinammon or ginger?
chocolate or caramel?
donuts or muffins?
train or bus?
Sevilla o Granada?

rugs or carpets?

beer or wine?

tea or coffee?

backscratch or massage?

running or bicycling?

eggs or bacon?

medicine: pills or syrup?

movies or series?

mineral water or seltzer water?

chicken or beef?

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

skiing or snowboarding?

raisins or grapes?

gum: mint or fruit?

camping in a tent or staying in a cabin?

frisbee or catch?

mustache or beard?

piercings: middle of the nose or side of the nose?
men: one ear or both ears?